4 tips for running a successful office cleaning franchise

Thinking about starting an office cleaning business but unsure where to begin? Choosing an experienced franchise will not only boost your chances of success, but will also give you the right tools and resources to direct you through this exciting new chapter.

Read on to discover our four best tips that will lead you to success, and the endless possibilities that JAN-PRO can provide for you.

Providing a tailored customer experience

The key to success for any business lies within building and maintaining customer relationships. By creating a tailored experience that is specific to consumer needs, customers are more likely to feel connected to your business. This creates a level of ongoing commitment and inspires customers to transform from brand loyalists to band advocates.

JAN-PRO embodies this through our high levels of commitment with their customers, something that is highly valued in the business world. By working with JAN-PRO, you will be given the best strategies to make your customers smile all year round.

Ensuring the right support and resources

Starting an office cleaning business can be daunting at first, but with the right resources and support it doesn’t have to be.

Having these tools to guide your business is important and without these resources it is likely your business may have trouble getting started compared to the competition.

JAN-PRO specialises in office cleaning and a range of other cleaning services, with an infinite amount of experience and resources under their belt.

With the help of JAN-PRO, assistance can be provided with any aspect of your business, including resource-related enquiries such as equipment and costs, training staff, quoting jobs and finding leads.

Hiring experienced employees

At the core of all businesses lies their employees. These are the people that will directly impact a customer’s experience, so it is essential that they represent your business with pride and professionalism. Employees should embrace your businesses culture and values, as well as be up to date with the latest training, cleaning policies, and standards.

As JAN-PRO is proudly one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in Australia, we understand the importance of having a skilled cleaning team.

Due to our wealth of networks and resources, we are able to help train your staff to meet OSHA, CDC, SafeWork Australia, Joint Commission and AORN standards. 

Setting realistic expectations

Once you get the ball rolling, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of starting a new business. In saying this, nothing worth having comes easy!

Creating a business from the ground up is not simple work and requires extensive levels of decision-making and commitment.

With decades of experience, JAN-PRO knows the best methods to keep your business on the right track and can offer guidance through those essential learning curves.                               

Join the JAN-PRO family today

We’ve got you covered with all things cleaning and can help push your dream vision to life. For more information about starting up a JAN-PRO cleaning franchise visit our website or contact our local franchising team today.

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