9 Great reasons to buy a Franchise

9 Great reasons to buy a Franchise

Thinking of buying a franchise? It’s a great idea and here are 9 great reasons why you should get into a franchised business model!

Here are just some of the great reasons why you should buy a franchise:

1. When you buy a franchise you can make an informed decision

A lot of information is available to potential franchisees who do thorough research on the business opportunity and the franchise organisation behind it.

2. When you buy a franchise there is a manual

You’re not just buying a brand, you’re also buying the entire operationals manual and how-to guide! You’ll know from the very start what you need to be doing and how to do it effectively.

These have always already been tried and tested which means they work and can save you mountains of time in getting your business up and going!

3. When you buy a franchise there is some legal protection

The ACCC has a Franchising Code of Conduct which covers both franchisees and franchisors. As a result, you’ve got legal protection from the get go, as well as having legal responsibilities to conform and deliver to your franchisor. There are financial penalities for misconduct on both sides, so there is protection and obligation.

4. When you buy a franchise you can get help finding the right location

The chosen location often comes with the sale from the franchisor. In other words, they’ll have already found a great location and are selling not only the franchise license but the location agreement with it. This helps you with your launch and them with their selection criteria.

5. When you buy a franchise you can get help with lease negotiations

Buying power of a larger group will help you negotiate a better lease for your business. Your franchisor will generally help you with this, not only by giving advice but also by having existing relationships with large landlords that will give you a better lease arrangement.

6. When you buy a franchise you can get training before you start

Unless you’ve done it before, there’s a fair chance you won’t know how to start running your business. With a franchise you’ll get all the training and support you need to get you up and going. All Franchisees will get trained on a regular basis, which may also include your teams training on new operational processes and improvements.

7. When you buy a franchise you can access expert advice

The franchisor will have a full team of experts on their side to help you execute your business and to keep their own up to date. This includes the usual regulatory requirements such as lawyers and accountants, but will also include things like sales teams and marketing experts.

8. When you buy a franchise you can benefit from buying power

Group buying power comes from having multiple smaller businesses bound together to give them the a discount on the products they buy to sell in their business.

9. When you buy a franchise you stay up-to-date with relevant news and regulations

Having a great franchisor will mean that you always stay ahead of the trends and up to date on the things that you need to know in your business. All the regulatory and compliance changes as well as the market changes. Of course you are responsible for these things ultimately but staying up to date with them is a huge benefit.

If you’re looking for the perfect franchise business for you and your family, look no further than JAN-PRO.


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