Strata Cleaning in Perth

Perth’s rental market is among the best in Australia in terms of choice for tenants, but if you’re an owner or strata manager, you might come across some trouble finding and keeping renters with the increasing vacancy rates. That’s why it’s as important as ever to keep your property spotless clean to attract the best tenants. At JAN-PRO, we provide high quality commercial cleaning services. As one of the leading strata cleaning companies in Perth, we can keep your space clean and presentable at all times.

What sets us apart?

  • Our highly experienced property cleaners are extensively trained to deliver a thorough clean of the highest standards.
  • We use top grade cleaning products that promote a better, greener and cleaner environment and a healthy living space.
  • We make use of high quality equipment and up-to-date processes to deliver the best and most consistent results.
  • We provide regular property cleaning for strata schemes.

JAN-PRO of Perth


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