Strata Cleaning in Sydney

In Sydney’s tight rental property market, although average rent prices seem to be softening, the city continues to have the highest average rent prices in Australia. It’s therefore vital that owners and strata managers ensure that their properties deliver a high level of value. When it comes to cleaning your Sydney property and making sure that it’s always at its best, you can rely on JAN-PRO. We are experienced strata cleaners with the tools and training necessary to keep your property clean and well-maintained.

What sets us apart?

  • We utilise the most effective cleaning methods and materials to achieve an exceptional clean, and use minimal chemicals to ensure a cleaner, greener and healthier living environment.
  • All of our staff are continuously and expertly trained to not only deliver a thorough clean, but also remain courteous, accommodating and unobtrusive at all times.
  • Our staff are trained to report on any aspects of your property that may need your immediate attention.
  • We have supervised inspections daily and 50-point inspections monthly, ensuring all of your cleaning and maintenance needs are completely covered.

JAN-PRO of Sydney


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