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Clean is just the beginning. With JAN-PRO, our expertly trained commercial cleaning Franchisees offer a custom service tailored to suit the particular needs of your space. All our Franchisees are expertly trained to clean any commercial premises and take pride in our commitment and skill of cleaning.

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Our JP Signature Clean® system has been designed with a thorough understanding of various unclean conditions, and knowing the precise approach to take to remedy the situation. Every surface and work area is therefore cleaned using the optimum treatment for superior cleaning results, time and time again.

What it’s like to work with Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting

Commercial Cleaning

A clean workspace is vital, and whether you need commercial cleaning services for your employees, clients or both, JAN-PRO will ensure that you get the cleaning you need. Read More

We offer the best in commercial cleaning services as our franchisees have undergone extensive training to equip them with the knowledge and methods that work best in your commercial area. Coupled with the best cleaning treatments, you can trust us when we say that we know how to clean.

Commercial cleaning is important because it helps to keep everyone safe. By cleaning, germs are removed, as well as dust and other dirt. When left to build up, germs can make your employees or clients sick, and dust can cause issues such as allergies and asthma attacks.

Commercial Cleaning Services With Jan-Pro

As one of the top commercial cleaning companies, we understand that there is not just one method of cleaning – a sports centre will need an entirely different approach compared to office cleaning & strata cleaning. As a result, we offer a tailored approach to your cleaning needs, creating the perfect cleaning package so that you not only get affordable commercial cleaning services by not paying for anything that you do not need but also the right methods for your premises.

As professional commercial cleaners, JAN-PRO is experienced in working in many different commercial industries. Whether you want professional property and cleaning services, school or university cleaning or anything else, we can help.

By using hospital-grade disinfectants & cleaning products, along with our EnviroShield® disinfecting system, you can be sure that we only use products that give you the best cleaning to make your commercial premises as clean and safe as possible. We also use a 50-point checklist for onsite inspections to make sure that every aspect of your workplace gets the cleaning it needs.

There is no need to worry that our cleaning services will cause disturbance to your employees or clients. We work quickly and quietly to get the job done and, above all, we aim not to disturb you in your work. You can look forward to coming into a place of work that is clean and sanitary.

Why Jan-Pro Is The Best Commercial Cleaning Company in Australia

If you are looking for professional cleaning services, look no further than JAN-PRO for a company that knows what cleaning should look like.

We have been cleaning for nearly 30 years and during this time, we have been trusted by many companies to provide them with second-to-none cleaning.

When you choose JAN-PRO, you have peace of mind knowing that our cleaners have been police cleared. We understand that your place of work might hold sensitive information, so it is good to know that we can be trusted.

For professional cleaning companies, there is no one better than JAN-PRO especially when it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning services in Sydney and Australia-wide. Finding the company to take responsibility for the cleaning of your commercial premises has never been easier.

To find out more about what we can do for you, get in touch with us. You can get a free estimate by filling in our online form today.

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