Managing an investment property or strata building isn’t easy. From administration responsibilities to regularly communicating with tenants, it can be quite a juggling act. The maintenance of your strata property shouldn’t be so demanding. JAN-PRO knows this, which is why we offer comprehensive property management commercial cleaning to take one of the more menial jobs off your plate and always keep your space clean and presentable.

From the Central Coast through to Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and beyond, our professional cleaners have years of experience in commercial property cleaning services. You can rest assured that the cleaning and maintenance of your strata property is in trusted and professional hands.

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Our professional cleaners are well versed in a range of strata cleaning services, and can maintain any sized property. From removing dirt and grime on shower screens to robust carpet cleaning, we guarantee a high quality cleaning service that is unmatched. Working fast and quietly, you’ll have minimal disruptions as we go about our business.

Here’s what else you can expect from our professional strata cleaning company:

  • Our highly trained franchisees know how to clean a space and can work seamlessly to cover every aspect without being intrusive.

  • Trained to go beyond just cleaning, our highly skilled franchisees can report on any other aspect of your property or business that may need your attention.

  • Offering supervised daily inspections and 50 point check monthly inspections, the team will deliver a consistent quality service that will impress both tenants and landlords.

  • Using state-of-the art communication systems, our team will constantly stay in touch and offer rapid responses.

  • We minimise the use of chemicals in our cleaning to offer an environmentally friendly alternative for tenants and visitors.

  • Our equipment, cleaning products and training are all first class to help us clean smarter, quieter and better.

  • We exceed OH&S standards by training our franchisees in Exposure Control Plan & Compliance, Hazardous Communication Standards, Blood Borne Pathogen Standards, MSDS Compliance Chemical Handling Compliance Standards and Drug Testing Methods.

  • All JAN-PRO franchisees are easily identifiable with uniforms and prominently displayed ID badge and adhere to all safety guidelines outlined for any property.


With over 10,000 cleaning franchises across the globe generating over $500 million in sales per annum, JAN-PRO is among the fastest growing cleaning companies in the world. We have tailored our system to make sure our cleaning franchises are simple and hassle-free to operate.

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Testimonials from our customers

The JAN-PRO team work hard to keep our primary school clean and safe for all of our students. Keep up the good work team!

Steven S.

Our 24 hour gym relies on JAN-PRO to keep clean day in, day out. The experience and safety of our members is the highest priority and it all starts with a clean training environment. Thanks heaps JAN-PRO.

Jeremy I.

My husband and I decided to start our own business a little while ago, and we have never regretted our decision to go with JAN-PRO. They provide an extensive training course and then guaranteed income for us. It has been two years now and our clientele base continues to grow. Go with JAN-PRO – you won’t regret it.

Sophia T.

We appreciate the lengths the JAN-PRO staff go to ensuring our car dealership shines. We’re often complimented by customers of how impeccable our showroom looks and we have the JAN-PRO team to thank for it.

Allan P.

I approached JAN-PRO when I wanted to work for myself and they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Full training + guaranteed income. How could I say no?

Tom C.
JAN-PRO is the perfect turnkey solution for making money on your own terms. Their global network and business processes are award winning and best of all, it works!
Raymond K.
We trust JAN-PRO to keep our Italian restaurant clean to strict food safety standards. The cleanliness of our restaurant is essential to the success of our business. The professional JAN-PRO staff take care of the clean-up work, so we can focus on keep our customers happy and appetites satisfied!
Michelle B.
We are very satisfied with the service provided by Jan Pro. The communication book (supplied by Jan Pro) is an excellent way to correspond with the cleaners who are in attendance after hours, they always respond to any concerns and rectify issues promptly. Chris Donchi (Operations Manager), regularly checks in, he provides excellent service to assist with any of our additional, upcoming or ongoing cleaning requirements.
Baron Rubber


Why is strata cleaning important?

Strata cleaning for subdivided commercial areas and buildings is crucial to ensure proper hygiene and sanitation in common spaces, such as elevators, hallways, communal gyms and swimming pools.

When owning a strata building, health and safety for all occupants should always be a top priority. JAN-PRO offers a professional strata cleaning service to ensure a thorough clean for your building.

What do JAN-PRO strata cleaning services include??

As an award-winning franchise, JAN-PRO aims to provide a comprehensive clean every time. Offering a range of services from vacuum cleaning, buffing, and even pool cleaning and maintenance – our strata cleaning service is 100% customisable. JAN-PRO understands that different strata buildings may require different variations of the service. That’s why JAN-PRO will work with you to develop a tailored cleaning solution that suits your unique needs.

How much does the JAN-PRO strata cleaning cost?

Because our strata cleaning service is tailored to suit the needs of each building operator, the pricing for our strata cleaning service will vary. For more information and a complete list of services and pricing contact our friendly team today to get a free estimate.

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