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Looking for a professional strata cleaning service in Perth? You’ve come to the right place. JAN-PRO is trusted by customers near and far because we always deliver exceptional results. We follow stringent protocols and only use the best cleaning supplies and products. For total peace of mind and confidence in your strata cleaning company, there’s no better choice than us.

JAN-PRO has experience working on all kinds of strata projects

We understand the challenges that strata managers face. That’s why our cleaning services are thorough, efficient and reliable. Whether you’re looking after a large site or a small one, know that our capable hands will always be on call to help when you need it the most. Our franchisees are highly trained and receive ongoing support to ensure that their skills are up-to-date with all industry standards. Look to us for a strata cleaning service in Perth that will more than impress.

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What to expect

JAN-PRO has a range of services available that can be tailored to your particular needs. We are highly experienced and have the capabilities to handle any task. Always remember that there’s no job too difficult for our franchises.

Some of the things that we can help with include:

  • Cleaning of stairs and fire escapes
  • Rubbish removal
  • Cleaning of common areas
  • Cleaning of elevators and lifts
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Cleaning windows and glass doors
  • Cleaning and sanitisation of different areas
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Why Our Perth Strata Cleaning Services Are So Good

Perth is a vibrant city bursting with strata possibility. Cleaning and maintenance are two crucial factors when it comes to the smooth running of your property. Leave it to the experts at JAN-PRO; we are people who understand the value of a job well done. Our mission is to maximise our cleaning strategies to fit your unique needs so wherever you are in Perth, you can rely on our strata cleaning services.

As well as our diligent cleaning processes, reliable workforces and hospital strength disinfectant, we’re always improving and learning to enhance our know-how.

Safety is linked with cleanliness and cleanliness is a part of comfort. Therefore, if you want to create a serene space or ambient atmosphere packed with cosy corners, an expert cleaning service is a vital staple.

Don’t add more to your plate, let our team of professional cleaners go about their work in an orderly fashion to leave your property gleaming from top to bottom.

With our strict and precise attention to detail policy, nothing will be missed. Every place we take on is left spotless, meaning that you’ll be excited to show off your building to prospective buyers and tenants.
You’ve worked so hard to obtain your strata and so you deserve the very best strata or office cleaning service to keep it first-rate.

Nowadays, people expect certain tasks and jobs to be undertaken when it comes to the hygiene of their homes. Not just menial run of the mill house chores, but instead procedures that reach all nooks and crannies. Given that health is a priority, we use cleaning materials that take real grip but without any harsh, allergy provoking chemicals. Subsequently, our work is sensitive but tough and absolutely all encompassing.

JAN-PRO – Your Perth Strata Cleaning and Hygiene Heroes

Aside from our cleaning prowess, our strata cleaning companies here in Perth are well-oiled machines that run efficiently so that you receive a hassle-free service. We’re a very responsive team so should you have any problems, want to change your plan or add anything to your task list then we’ll handle it for you.
By selecting us as your preferred cleaning franchise company, you’re opting for punctuality, resourcefulness, savviness and reliability. Don’t put your strata at risk of a half-hearted clean, instead come to us and find a reliable and professional service.

As one of the leading professional strata cleaning companies in Perth, our services are incomparable and always at your disposal. Professionalism gets thrown around a lot these days, but JAN-PRO is a business that is competent, capable and driven. Each and every individual who works with us and our franchisees is devoted to their job and will apply this dedication to your strata.

If you’d like to know about our work why not follow us on social media? Watch us on YouTube and read all our latest posts. Take a minute to send us your details and we’ll get a preliminary quote over to you. You can call the Perth service centre or email for more specific information too. We’ll always have answers for you as soon as possible.

Our cleaning process

Customer satisfaction of top-of-mind for us and that’s why every job is completed to the highest standards. This means that we’ll arrive on time and ready to get to work so you can relax and go about your business. We follow a specialised cleaning process to ensure that you get the best results. Rest assured that we never sweep anything under the rug and that your property will be left looking spotless in no time at all.

Feel free to reach out for a price estimate regarding our strata cleaning services in Perth.

Why choose JAN-PRO?

There’s no reason not to go with JAN-PRO. We’re one of the fastest growing cleaning franchises in the country and provide an unrivaled level of service to customers. Offering great attention to detail, genuine care and a friendly smile, it’s no wonder that people continue to choose us as their go-to strata cleaning provider. We guarantee the best results every time and promise to leave your site looking better than ever.
Not convinced?

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