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In Sydney’s tight rental property market, although average rent prices seem to be softening, the city continues to have the highest average rent prices in Australia. It’s therefore vital that owners and building managers ensure that their properties deliver a high level of value. When it comes to cleaning your Sydney property and making sure that it’s always at its best, you can rely on JAN-PRO. We are experienced strata cleaners with the tools and training necessary to keep your property clean and well-maintained.

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Strata Cleaning Sydney: What Sets Us Apart?

  • We utilise the most effective cleaning methods and materials to achieve an exceptional clean, and use minimal chemicals to ensure a cleaner, greener and healthier living environment.
  • All of our staff are continuously and expertly trained to not only deliver a thorough clean, but also remain courteous, accommodating and unobtrusive at all times.
  • Our staff are trained to report on any aspects of your property that may need your immediate attention.
  • We have supervised inspections daily and 50-point inspections monthly, ensuring all of your cleaning and maintenance needs are completely covered.
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Strata Cleaning Sydney

With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, our Sydney strata cleaning teams come highly recommended. It’s our high level of customer service combined with our passion and attention to detail that have set us apart from other cleaners in Sydney.

From spring cleans to end of lease cleans, JAN-PRO’s professional cleaners can do it all. You can rely on us for a hospital-standard level of cleanliness, every time. Contact us on 1300 JAN PRO today for a free quote.

We lead incredibly busy lives and when it comes to property dealing, there is always a plethora of tasks to complete including strata cleaning in Sydney. Let us, here at JAN-PRO, eliminate the mammoth job of cleaning for you. By allowing our dedicated team of experts to work their sparkle, we’ll be not only relieving you of a lot of extra hassle but also ensuring that your spaces will be ready to wow and impress.

You’re in an industry that demands high quality; we understand this and that’s why we deliver nothing short of excellence. So why not spend your energies on other vital duties and let us take a weight off your shoulders?

Passionate and Professional Strata Cleaning Companies Sydney-Wide

Nowadays, selecting commercial strata cleaning companies Sydney is no easy feat as not only is there the cost to consider, but also the reliability too. Fortunately, JAN-PRO has the attributes you need for your next strata cleaning service in Sydney – namely, a stellar reputation and a range of resources. The people who work with us are natural cleaning connoisseurs and with our stringent training to boot, it makes them extremely driven and talented.

A shine is what you need for your strata block but we can offer you a shimmer like no other. We possess a collective feeling of betterment, that always strives us to go above and beyond. We apply the same attention to detail and conscientiousness to each and every job we take on.

Hard work is at the heart and core of our commercial strata companies throughout Sydney. Whether you have a humble holding or gigantic areas to cover, you can expect an outstanding clean. A tailored approach is one of our cornerstones and we will personalise our plans to suit your particular requirements.

JAN-PRO: Strata Cleaning Company for Sydney Siders

Modern living is inextricably linked to hygiene and cleanliness. Hygiene is a beacon of health and we know that a tidy place is an attractive and comfortable one. Therefore, you need a company whose sole mission is to provide you with a dependable deal and who will never let you down when it comes to your office cleaning, strata cleaning – or any type of cleaning that’ll you need from us.

At JAN-PRO, we’re fantastic, active listeners who always put the customer first. We are thoroughly grateful for our clientele’s loyalty and that’s why we’re spick and span in all aspects of our work.

When you opt for our commercial cleaning services, you’ll see our fresh outlook in action and have access to the very best products that this industry has to offer.

So, if you need a mere surface scrub or a thorough deep clean, we’re the people to call! Why not get in touch to learn more? Alternatively, fill out a quick form on our website for a free, no-obligation quote. We’re always available to talk through your questions and queries and will do our utmost to fulfil your requests. So, what are you waiting for? Enlist our services to kickstart your journey to a brighter and cleaner future.

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