Make your showroom live up to its name with expert car dealership cleaning services from JAN-PRO. When you work in an industry that relies so heavily on first impressions – like selling in an automotive dealership – you will appreciate the high standard we deliver with our commercial cleaning services each and every time we work.

Combining careful attention to detail with tailored cleaning products, including colour-coded microfibre cloths, our franchisees are committed to creating a healthier environment for your employees and clients. Let your cars sparkle in the best lighting possible with our specialised cleaning services.


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Our dealership cleaning services are backed by an unbeatable service guarantee. If you ever find yourself less than 100% satisfied after one of our cleanings, simply let us know and we’ll correct the issue within one business day – without charge.

We are proud to service all over Australia. Wherever you are, your business can access our cleaning services. For more information, please visit any of our location pages listed below.

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Read what our many happy clients are saying about our professional cleaning services.

“I’m so impressed with the level of detail and commitment to quality your owner-operator devotes to our dealerships.”
- Keenan Honda & Mercedes Benz


Why is automotive cleaning important?

Don’t lose a sale because of a less-than-immaculate car showroom. When your floors are sparkling and smelling fresh, so too will your merchandise. First impressions are lasting, and a thoroughly clean showroom can elevate your car’s brand names and convert from ‘just looking’ to ‘I’ll take it!’ Lastly, your spotless space extends to how your business and rest of the team will be perceived.

What’s involved in car showroom cleaning?

We leave no stone unturned in our endeavour to have your car showroom looking spotless. Not only do we target obvious spaces like entryways, coffee stations and dealers’ desks, but we also focus on the little things, such as wastepaper baskets and door handles. From floors to windows, outdoor areas, toilet facilities, and stairwells, there isn’t a surface on your premises that we won’t clean.

How much does automotive showroom cleaning cost?

Each car dealership is unique, and we treat each place as such. We don’t think it would be fair to provide a one-cost-fits-all approach, which is why we let you tailor a package to suit your requirements and what you need cleaned. Our team is happy to visit your automotive car dealership, where we will assess the space prior to providing a FREE quote.

We specialise in car showrooms and we are good at what we do. When you’re ready to get started, contact us at 1300 JAN PRO.

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