Mice, cockroaches, rotting food and poor hygiene – these are things you never want to see in your restaurant, or any restaurant you enter for that matter. But just recently, the Brisbane City Council prosecuted 21 businesses for these and many other offenses spotted within the establishments.

Ensure Food Safety with Deep Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Brisbane

Mice and other pests were found in 17 restaurant kitchens, and various cleanliness and maintenance offenses were identified, resulting in 15 cancelled food licences and over $400,000 in fines. No restaurant would ever want to be burdened by such consequences, but their enforcement is necessary to ensure the highest priority in the industry, which is food safety. 

Make sure your restaurant will never be one of those unfortunate establishments. Keep your restaurant a safe and lovely place for customers to dine in by getting professional kitchen cleaning services in Brisbane from JAN-PRO.

Trusted Professional Restaurant Cleaners in Brisbane

We are experienced restaurant cleaners in Brisbane with the expertise and manpower to make sure your establishments are always 100% clean and safe. At JAN-PRO, we know how crucial cleanliness is to the food service industry. Without it, everything else – the cosy ambiance, the finest tasting food and drink – won’t matter.

Cleanliness is key to the success of every food establishment, and we at JAN-PRO can help you secure it. We offer superior restaurant cleaning services in Brisbane that can be tailored to your exact needs. From duct cleaning to exhaust systems as well as canopy cleaning, our professional cleaning crew are extensively trained to provide the most detailed, comprehensive clean.  We use environmentally safe, hospital-grade products and equipment, so you can rest assured that your spaces are absolutely safe and suitable for food preparation.

Restaurant Cleaning in Brisbane Your Customers Can Trust

Don’t risk your business, and especially the health and safety of your dining customers. Get high-quality cleaning services you and your customers can trust by turning to JAN-PRO. We’ve been trusted by numerous businesses throughout Queensland – from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast, and have been awarded for our performance and success. We’re confident in the service that we can provide, we guarantee it! 

So give us a call today on 1300 JANPRO (526776) to discuss your unique cleaning requirements for your establishment.

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